LGMG 2023 Spring Festival Greeting


The new year is coming, and everything is renewed. At this occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, on behalf of Lingong Heavy Machinery, I would like to express my sincere thanks and best wishes to all the colleagues and your families who have worked hard throughout the year, to the colleagues who are still working in many countries and regions around the world during the Spring Festival holiday, to the customers and partners who have supported LGMG for many years.


The year 2022 is destined to be unforgettable. In the year of 2022, we faced many difficulties and challenges, but we successfully ensured the production and developed further. Both revenue and industrial output exceeded 10 billion yuan. In the year of 2022, we completed our joint stock restructuring, and welcomed more international staff and talents at different positions. In the year of 2022, we continued our internationalization pursuit, we witnessed the successful construction commencement of our manufacturing base in North America, and we set new record with our overseas operation. In the year of 2022, we won the national manufacturing single champion; new energy and hybrid products realized acceleration and breakthrough, etc. Talents, internationalization, and technology-driven, made great progress for 2022 of LGMG.

2022 is also the tenth anniversary of LGMG. In the past ten years, we reached the ten-billion-yuan goal. The innate power that guides and drives us to strive forward, to focus on the present and fight for the future can be summed up as the “LGMG culture genes”:

Research and development must be market-oriented, and must take the needs of customers into full consideration. The two “musts” comprise a core of the LGMG culture genes, and constitute the answer to the foundational questions of who we serve, who we rely on, and how we do. We have the firm belief that the market is the best school, customers are the best teachers, and products that match the actual application scenarios are the best products. The two “musts” guide us to stay close to the market and to remain pragmatic on the research and development, and to pursue innovation in the application.

To be the first in the segment market, fight for the first place in the regional market and not to stop at the first place. To be No.1 is another core of the LGMG cultural genes, and it guides us to analyze the market, allocate resources, lay groundwork far ahead of time, build greatness from the ground up, achieve breakthrough from multiple angles, and ultimately realize leading position in all aspects. It also guides us to think before we act, to work industriously day and night, and to plan and execute pragmatically in our development strategy, new business exploration and global market expansion.

Our operation shall adhere to target orientation, problem orientation and goal orientation. These three orientations make up another core of the LGMG cultural genes, as they clearly define the whole management of the company’s whole operation process. The three orientations guide us to face problems head on, identify the underlying logic behind things and events, break down goals, address pain points and sticky points, improve our shortcomings, and trace the origins of consequences. The company’s major events are done in details and achieved in practice; They drive us to constantly break the boundaries of skills, fixed thinking and path dependence, reform the old and bring forth the new, thereby endowing new contents and methods conducive to the company’s healthy growth.

Hard working is the belief and responsibility of LGMG. It guides us to pursue resource utilization efficiency and guides all of us to do first and conditions second; hard working is the strong support for LGMG to grow stronger and stronger, and from victory to victory.

Those who realize their ambitions innovate based on thorough understanding, and the “LGMG cultural genes” are the internal power that will continue to propel us forward on the path of high-quality and high-speed development explored and actualized in the past ten years. All our colleagues need to continue learning, practice and perseverance.

The wind of history is blowing at a new direction: The emergence of a new round of science and technology revolution means that the future of the industry is uncertain, and at a time when a hundred ships are raising the sails to ride this wind, only those with braveness and initiative can stay ahead! In 2023, we will continue our talents, internationalization, and technology-driven strategies, synchronize with the global market, synchronize with global customers, and walk together with global colleagues.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is coming. I would like to wish all our colleagues and families, partners and friends all the best in the new year.


Yu Mengsheng  Chairman of LGMG


Chinese Lunar New Years’s Eve


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