LGMG Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary


A celebration of the 10th anniversary of LGMG was held successfully on January 9, 2023, with over 760 people attending both online and offline, to witness the vast changes and great achievements of LGMG in the past decade.

The participants included the senior leaders of Lingong Group, the government officials from Jinan High-tech Zone, the Chairman, General Manager, other top leaders and staff representatives of LGMG, as well as employee representatives from LGMG Europe, LGMG North America, and overseas subsidiaries.



Zhi Kaiyin, the general manager of LGMG, released a report on the achievements of LGMG in the past decade. LGMG grows out of nothing, expands rapidly and ranks top with only ten years, facing new markets, new clients and new products. “In the next ten years, we aim to build LGMG into a leading international enterprise in the industry,” said Zhi.

During the past 10 years, LGMG has been successively rated as National Manufacturing Industry Individual Item Champion and A Leading Enterprise in Science & Technology in Shandong Province. In 2022,LGMG was listed among the Top 50 Global Construction Machinery Manufacturers and Top 10 Global MEWPs Manufacturers.

Chairman Yu Mengsheng delivered a speech entitled “LGMG’s 2025 New Strategy”. He expressed LGMG would continue to lead in industrial development and build a new business format through the transition of digitalization, green, and low-carbon. Meanwhile, LGMG would spare no effort to implement the talent-oriented, internationalization and technology-driven strategy, follow the benchmarking of the international brands and promote the development of China’s intelligent manufacturing.

LGMG strives to build an intelligent manufacturing base for MEWPs, lead innovation in manufacturing capability and business mode, and promote the profound transformation of the whole industry.

During the event, Jinan government sent LGMG a special letter to congratulate its remarkable achievements obtained in the past decade. “LGMG has made great contributions to Jinan’s economic and social development, as well as the development of the construction machinery industry. The local government will continue to provide support and favorable policies to LGMG and promote the further advancement of intelligent manufacturing”, said an official.

During the event, LGMG awarded its staff for their hard work, excellent performance and great contributions to company’s development, in a way to encourage all LGMGers to continue to create more values in the future!

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